Chocofruit Party

Welcome to a new adventure!

After several years in the world of catering and having participated in countless social events, ChocoFruit Fondue has launched new services to continue to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding and innovative market.

This is how "ChocoFruit Party" came about, with new and original ideas to make your party even more unforgettable, inviting you to the adventure of imagination and fun.

Among the new ideas you will find:

The delicious Cotton Candy Machine, every child's dream and for the older ones, a simple and magical way to be a child again.

A cinema classic... Popcorn! A great Popcorn Machine, no one will be able to resist, both for sweet-loving palates and for those who prefer salty popcorn.

And to complete a magical sweet table, they offer you:

  • An elegant and fun Mini Belgian Chocolate Fountain, you can choose from classic dark, milk or white chocolate or in fun colours. Accompanied, of course, by accessories such as fruit, sweets, confectionery and more.
  • Authentic American Cupcakes, full of colour and joy so you can give your party an even more personalised touch.
  • You can also choose from decorated biscuits, macarons, meringues and much more.

Do not hesitate to get advice from the qualified team that will help you to make your event an unforgettable experience. Unforgettable Moment.

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