Cotton Candy Machine Rental

Also known as cotton Candy or sweet cloud, this service will take us back to our funniest childhood as if it were a fair, these machines with their trolleys will get in your event the enthusiasm of each of the attendees, whether children or adults.

Weddings, birthdays, communions and fairs with stands are the events that most request these trolleys. We have trolleys in red, white, black, pink and blue, combine them with the flavour of cotton candy that you like: orange, banana, apple, strawberry, vanilla, blackberry).

The full rental service includes:

  • Assembly, disassembly and cleaning of the machine

  • Service and handling of the trolley with a specialised hostess (with a support technician in case of fairs and congresses lasting several days).

  • Unlimited servings of cotton candy.

  • Trolley colour: to choose

  • Trolley body, front vinyl with logo or name/s (free of charge for companies).

  • Min 2h of service.

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