Hamburger and Dog Trolley

An authentic American hot dog, you can enjoy it in our much loved service, as a snack, an afternoon snack or even as a main course, as we can complement it with our mini catering service! 

With a vintage design, the trolley is composed of a galvanised iron structure, lined with sheet metal (for ease of transport), and a stainless steel counter for food handling.

 Unlike other hot dog machines which usually cook the sausages by steaming or boiling them in bain-marie containers, our machines are real roller griddles ("Oscar Mayer" style) for better processing and to get the most out of their flavour.

On the other hand, the burgers will be cooked on a professional industrial griddle for faster delivery.

The full rental service includes:

  • Assembly and coordination with the venue.
  • Uniformed operator, in charge of handling the machine and serving the attendees.
  • Free hot dog or hamburger buffet
  •  Toppings or complements: Tomato, lettuce, cheese, fried onion, pickles and potato rain (tomato and lettuce only for burgers and mini burgers).
  • Napkins and packaging
  •  Freshly fried crisps, Mc Donals style (optional).
  • Corporate and vinyl coating of the trolley ( only for companies)
  • Collection and cleaning by our staff.
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