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ChocoFruit in your communion, birthday, baptism, snack...

A Chocolate Fountain! Why not surprise all your guests with a marvellous chocolate waterfall where you can dip all those delicious complements that make up a buffet appealing to all palates?

... Or a Popcorn or Cotton Candy Machine, to spend a pleasant and fun time, strengthening the bonds between children and not so little ones.

And if that's still not enough... you can also choose the innovative Sweet Table, another tool to surprise all your guests. Thanks to the original American Cupcakes, decorated biscuits and many other sweets, you will be able to theme the event with the most fun designs and colours.


My first communion.

The day of our children's communion may be the most important day for them. They have been dreaming about the big day for a long time with a lot of nerves and excitement at the same time.

From Chocofruit events we want to make it very easy for you with all our services, besides belonging to the WeDo Events Desing Group, you can delegate all your feat to this company and enjoy as you deserve, because in addition to offering you an unforgettable service, you will get the best price. 

A dream communion:

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